Project ST: Block STyle gets new shoes


In our last Focus Block STyle update, we covered the Eibach/Ford Racing coilover install.* Since then you’ve probably seen pics of the car on a set of shiny non-OE wheels, and this update is here to fill you in on the finer details behind the wheels and why we’re using them.

Most of you are probably aware of our (fifteen52) Tarmac wheel design. And no doubt most of you have come to know the design by way of a couple little videos that begin with the letter…Gymkhana. Yes, having Ken Block hooning around on our wheels has done wonders for design recognition, and while we couldn’t be more pleased with the results, the truth is KB contacted us for the wheels and not the other way around. For the tl;dr crowd, the short version of this story is that Ken likes our wheels and we’re the lucky bastards living in his limelight.

When we proposed building three different Focus STs to Ford, we knew for sure we wanted each car to wear Tarmacs. Makes sense, right? This entire project revolves around KB and his relationship with Ford and us, so what other wheel design would we use? Luckily for us (and you, if you care about this stuff), for some time we’d already been working on several variations of the basic five-spoke Tarmac design. From cast to forged monoblock to three-piece versions, we’ve pretty much milked the iconic (thanks to KB) design for all its worth. One day we posted on our Facebook page a rendering of a forged monoblock version with what we call F40-style cut-outs in each spoke, and within less than an hour Ken contacted us and said we need to make him a set. So there you go; the Focus Block STyle is wearing a set of forged monoblock Tarmac F40 wheels.



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