Mk6 Jetta +Line Front Bumper Pre-Order Sale!

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally here! The fifteen52 Mk6 Jetta +Line Front Bumper will soon be available! We held off putting out much information until we knew the first production run of bumpers were done and on the way. Too much reading for you? Skip down to the FAQ section for the summary.

If you had seen the old thread showing off the prototype (as in the picture above), you’ll know a good amount about it. We’ve made some changes over the last year that have reduced the originally anticipated MSRP by over 50%. As planned, the bumper is manufactured using a high-quality FRP composite making it both durable and flexible. Fitment is excellent and very little finishing work is needed prior to paint.

The first production run of bumpers is on the way and expected in 3-4 weeks. The price is $499.52, plus shipping (and sales tax if in California). We are offering a 10% discount off MSRP for those willing to put down a 50% deposit. This basically holds your place “in line” and secures a bumper from the first production run. Only 10 bumpers are coming in now, more are expected to be available in October.

Email with any questions, or call 213-373-1552. See the FAQ section below for the rundown.


How much? 

MSRP is $499.52 plus shipping – pre-order customers receive a 10% discount

How is it shipped?

Due to the size of the packaging, shipping is by truck freight only and cost is calculated using the destination Zip Code. Email us at for a freight quote

Available when?

We expect to start shipping bumpers in approximately 4 weeks

Do I pay in full right now?

No, a 50% fully-refundable deposit it all that’s required to secure one of the first 10 bumpers. You can use the PayPal link below or call us with your credit card info

What’s it made of?

FRP composite (a flexible fiberglass reinforced with plastic)

Does it come painted?

No. Due to the difficulties in off-site paint matching and the potential for damage during shipping, all bumpers come in primer form

Does it come with grilles?

Yes. The grilles are part of the one-piece bumper design and can be painted the same color as the bumper or masked off and painted gloss black to match the OE upper grille

Does it come with LED strips?

No, but you can order them from your dealer (Golf R part) and install them yourself. Keep in mind you will need to modify your front bumper support for adequate clearance

Is it lower than the stock bumper?

Yes, a little

Is there a full kit (skirts and rear valence) coming?

Yes, the rest of the +Line kit will be available late this year

How many are you making?

First run will be limited to 10 bumpers, but more will arrive sometime in October

Click the PayPal logo to submit your deposit:


Customer renderings: