Ken Block announces new team name and livery!



Ken Block, of DC Shoes and GYMKHANA fame,  made a few large announcements recently regarding the 2013 season.  First and foremost, Ken is still sporting a set of 18×8.5 fifteen52 Tarmac wheels on his Ford Fiesta.  We’ll talk about the new colors later, but they are now sporting the 52 block logo on the spokes!  Represent!

The once Monster World Rally Team has now been renamed to Hoonigan Racing Division.  Monster Energy, Ford Racing, DC Shoes, GoPro, Pirelli and Block’s other great sponsors will all continue their amazing support as they have in the past.  Block’s new headquarters is the first of many big things coming from Hoonigan Racing Division this year.  Their new headquarters is located near Block’s home in Park City, Utah, and has been two years in the making. The 12,000 square foot space is divided in two. One side is the creative office space, capable of housing up to 25 employees, while the other side is a top-level workshop for servicing the team’s race vehicles.






The colors in the new Hoonigan Racing headquarters mimic the new livery of the race cars.  Gone are the old white, green, and yellow.  The new livery is inspired by 80s and early 90s skateboarding graphics, as well as Miami Vice-era offshore powerboats and a dash of hair metal and old school hip hop mixed in for good measure.





For more information, check out the new team website: