Gymkhana Four Launches With fifteen52 Tarmac Wheels!

Gymkhana Four: The Hollywood Megamercial.
That’s what the fourth in the crazy-popular Gymkhana series is called. Check it out, as this one outdoes the other three by far. Crazy Hollywood special effects, Ken Block’s famously-sylish hooning; GYM4 is automotive entertainment at its finest. Watch it several times because it’s going to take multiple views to take it all in.

Leaving what we feel is the best for last, we are proud to point out that the wheels on Ken’s 600-hp Fiesta are in fact fifteen52 18×8.5 Tarmac wheels. That’s right, the very wheels we offer sale on this very website. Any and all questions regarding the Tarmac’s durability can be put to rest here and now – Ken didn’t kill them and we doubt you will, either.

Click for the video: Gymkhana Four

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