Fifteen52  is better defined by our concept rather than any specific line of products or services. Simply stated, our number one goal is to offer our customers whatever is necessary to make them feel they own truly unique automobiles.

Our ties to the European tuning community go back to the mid-’80s. Many of you were formally introduced to us as VW Sport USA, and then later as 1552 Design. Though some of the faces here have changed over the years, we’re still a group of enthusiasts looking to have some fun, meet some cool people, and make a little money while we’re doing it. Yes, money is important, but let’s be real – if money were that important, we’d all have real jobs by now.

Though you will find the convenience of online ordering through this website, please understand that we are not some faceless Internet company. Our lengthy history in this industry means we have much info to share with our customers and the fact is that more info leads to a better buying experience. So please feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email to discuss any questions you might have – we’re happy to consult first and sell second.

Thanks for stopping by!